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“Staying in Tune With Yourself” With Angeles Burke

Staying in Tune with Yourself

Wait! Have you ever paused and asked yourself these questions: What drives you in your bikini journey? Relevance, success or self-love? Are you restricting yourself? Are you denying your body? How do you find balance? You probably should. Your answer to these questions could be your turning point to breaking that barrier.


We often focus so much on what awaits us on the finish line to an extent we forget about ourselves and end up not touching the line at all. This then becomes our self-imposed source of demotivation. I did the digging and found Angeles Burke who has gained industry experience long enough to address these questions for you. Stay tuned as we unpack the titbits.


Angeles is an IFBB Bikini Pro, AFAA certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer and a fitness expert. She has been competing, coaching and teaching for the past 6 years. Noticeable in her eloquence, her public speaking skills are on another level, something she is passionate about and has been doing for quite a while. Through passion and hard work, Angeles not only made it to Olympia stage, but she was also published on Oxygen Magazine. She also works with brands such as Celcius and Dimatize.    


In this episode, Angeles gives insider tips on exactly how to get sponsorships. She also talks about how modesty is her best policy while representing the fitness brand and values that she aligns with. She also discusses her decision to leave the stage and the process she worked through to ditch her scale

Let’s go!



  • Find a brand that you can align yourself with that has the same core values
  • Keep practicing, soon you will master the art
  • Just because you’re not pro doesn’t mean that you can’t get a sponsor
  • Work with a team that will help you
  • Keep your image fresh and up to date
  • Go after what it is that you want
  • There are so many girls wanting the same things, find something that really sets you apart
  • Don’t let anything control your life
  • It’s okay not to eat every three hours if your body is not hungry
  • Associate yourself with positive people
  • You must give yourself that break
  • Stay positive


Important questions

[00:05:33] How many years have you been competing?

[00:10:25] What keeps you motivated?

[00:18:52] When did you start competing and how did you start your fitness journey?

[00:23:27] How long did it take you to turn pro?

[00:27:37] Did sponsors come after you turned pro?

[00:32:01] How do you recommend other people go about trying to get the sponsors?

[00:40:44] What would you say that you do that provides the most value for everyone?

[00:42:10] What happened that made you want to take time off from the stage?

[00:47:13] Do you feel like you were able to find that other side of Angeles when you stopped competing?

[00:48:20] Do you think that you’ll ever return to the stage?

[00:53:19] What would you say is the difference between healthy and unhealthy?

[00:59:40] When you threw out that scale, how did your life change for you?

[01:02:51] If you could give any piece of advice to someone who wants to turn pro what would that be?


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