Are you planning to compete in a bodybuilding show ? Or maybe you are coming off from a show and really need help with your reverse dieting plan? I am here to help you with every single step. I myself am an IFBB Bikini professional who has been actively competing for 6 years straight. It is a passion of mine and I thrive in helping my girls figure out all the small details. When it comes to competing, its important to realize that much more goes into it then just eating healthy and working out. There is also posing, show selection, show glam choices, and putting together all of the things so you can have a successful show day. If you are someone who has just completed a show, but are really afraid that you are going to gain all the weight back and completely ruin your physique, then this program is for you too. 

The truth is the same reason ladies have trouble prepping is the same reason they also have trouble after prep too. But what if your situation is different? Maybe you are an amazing competitor, but after show day you have a hard time keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle? This is all so common and this is why I am here to help you. Whether if you are getting ready to compete or just finished a show, my mission is to help you be successful in both. I want you to come out of show day the same way you entered show day. The answer and secret sauce to being success at both is mindset work. Have you ever wondered why improvement season was so much harder than season? or why season was so miserable?? Well I am here to share with you that it doesn't have to feel that way. After working with me, You will have a deeper understanding of what was holding you back, and tools you can use daily to be a better competitor every day.

So whats included:
1. Private Facebook group access
2. Customized meal plan or macros
3. Customized training plan geared towards you and your goals. 
4. 1 hour zoom one on one mindset coaching calls
5. Posing once a week, posing is done during zoom call. Usually we will do posing for the second half of the hour.
6. An additional check in for accountability 
7. 24/7 access to me by email and text for questions. 
8. Show preparations; suit/hair/makeup/show, a complete discussion to make sure you are 100% prepared for your show.
9. Peak week protocol
10. Reverse diet. A single plan you are able to follow post show.
11. Mindfulness practices throughout your entire journey. 

 Program: 20 week Competition Coaching Program
$1800 Full price

One Time Payment 
Bonus $1550

No, I would prefer to pay full price in monthly installments
Monthly $450, Email to set up subscription

Save 23% and purchase a full year

Competition Coaching