Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by my site. I hope you find a lot of value in it and are here to stay with me and my community.

I began my fitness journey when I was 16 years old. I wanted so badly to compete in the bodybuilding show at my high school to prove that I was "popular', because at the time popularity meant "success and acceptance". After winning the bodybuilding title my senior year of high school I knew fitness would always be in my life. After graduating from college I fell in love with competing once more and decided I wanted to take it further. I aspired to become a professional in the IFBB Pro league. After 4 years of chasing my dream, I finally obtained my professional card. I quickly realized that it isn't popularity that makes you successful and have acceptance, you must accept yourself in order to obtain success. Anything in life is possible, as long as you never give up on your dreams.

In my journey, I noticed there was something that was truly missing from the wellness space and that was mindset coaching. Mindset is everything ! The sooner you understand this, the faster your life will accelerate. Once I allowed this belief to be true for me, everything changed. I wanted more avenues to express my voice. I began my podcast, The Bikini Diaries Podcast. On this podcast I interview other IFBB Bikini Professionals and shed light on their stories. I also founded My Affirmation, which is a revolutionary clothing brand promoting self affirmations. The repetitious act of affirming in myself and my own capabilities, allowed me to reach many successes. This is the energy and messages I leave out into the world.